Terms & Shipping Policies


We ship to 47 of the contiguous United States (excluding Florida) at the beginning of each week. Customers also have the option of local pickup in Concord, NH on a weekly basis. Please specify your availability in the comments section when selecting this option during checkout.

Live Delivery Guarantee

Due to the pandemic and ongoing logistics issues, we strongly suggest selecting overnight or 2-day shipping for orders involving live animals.  All plants and animals are guaranteed live upon delivery only if 2-day or overnight shipping is selected. Please contact us ASAP, within 2 hours of delivery and provide photos if any plant or animal arrives deceased, and we will refund or replace that portion of the order. We cannot be responsible for packages left at doorsteps, so please monitor the accompanying tracking number carefully to anticipate when your package will be delivered.  We may at times include "bonus" specimens in your order, which are also excluded from the Live Delivery Guarantee.

Environmental Policies

As a general rule, we do not accept returns due to the stressful nature of shipping animals. These are living creatures that require our respect and careful consideration. Do not purchase any animals before doing your research and setting up adequate housing for them. When purchasing plants and animals of any sort, you also pledge to protect the environment by not keeping or releasing non-native species outdoors.

(If you must rehome one of your critters, we recommended posting to one of your local Facebook hobbyist groups. Common themes for relevant groups include reptiles, mantises, isopods, terrariums, and aquariums)

We reuse clean packaging and product materials whenever possible to cut down on waste and emissions in the environment. Packaging may contain business or product names that we are not affiliated with. Irrelevant names and labels will be removed or crossed out and will not affect the package's ability to be delivered to the correct address. "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is our philosophy and something we believe to play an important role in the conservation of all our beloved critters in the wild!