• Rubber Ducky (Cubaris sp.) 10 Count

The iconic rubber ducky isopod is a great choice if you're looking for a docile clean-up companion in your vivarium. Named for their appearance, these isopods like to hide but will become more noticeable as your culture begins to populate. They have not shown aggressive tendencies toward other detritivores or larger inhabitants, making them good tankmates for slow-moving critters.

Rubber duckies are one of several relatively new Southeast Asian Cubaris species, which have become a mainstay in the isopod hobby sphere. The different varieties are either unidentified or not yet scientifically named, so most Cubaris species in the hobby are simply labeled Cubaris sp.

This species enjoys higher humidity in their enclosure than your average isopod, but provide a moisture gradient as usual to suit their preferences. Provide various places to hide and borrow. A limestone calcium source is strongly recommended for optimal health.


Native Region: caves in Thailand

Burrow Depth: 3" minimum, prefers 6"+

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Rubber Ducky (Cubaris sp.) 10 Count

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